9 to 5
Yesterday’s workday.

Turkey inseminator and chicken plucker
are two of the more
unusual job titles analysed.

Projected age of retirement
for current workers.

6 in 10
# of Millennials with jobs.

If metrics are the bones,
data is the marrow.

% of workers engaged at work.

# of boomers turning
65 daily in US.

# of people in US labor force.

# of newly defined detailed
occupations in 2010 SOC system.

Manpower ranks Switzerland the top
performing European market for
contingent workforce productivity.

# of buyers indicating no assignment limits.

In 10 years, projected growth
for on line staffing services.

2013 global MSP spend.

The power of the printed word.

Brightfield believes actions speak louder than words but words still speak volumes. Our straight to the point, let’s understand the facts first attitude has brought welcomed perspective to our clients and industry focused publications for years. You can find Brightfield thinking on a variety of contingent workforce issues in the following articles.


Our Thoughts in Print

  • Topic Highlight: Big Data

    Talent Tech Labs: October, 2015

    by Jason Ezratty

    More Than a Trend — Big Data is Poised to Make a Bigger Impact

    Big data has achieved celebrity status of late as a harbinger of a more empirically-optimized future. The applications within talent acquisition are profound, most specifically focusing on better and faster ways of aligning job opportunities and job seekers.

    The previous wave in talent acquisition analytics has been about broadening the data set for visualization. Looking forward, the next phase will be focused on gaining depth of understanding. Expect the next generation of data software to enable businesspeople to focus on the business meaning resulting from data and statistics rather than requiring them to be statisticians themselves.

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  • Data: Are you asking the right questions?

    CWS 3.0: February 25, 2015

    By Jason Ezratty

    Program management often is likened to firefighting, requiring the type of urgency that demands immediate attention. Whether your fire consists of volatile stakeholders, unreasonable customers or dealing with the latest of some unforeseen exception case, the connotation is clear – nothing else can be dealt with until this fire is duly smothered. And so it comes as no surprise the primary reason program owners are unable to address bigger picture strategic needs is the unending demands of the ringing telephone, the urgent-flagged emails or the failed VMS FTP upload.

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  • Conducting benchmarking initiatives? Be targeted.

    CWS 3.0: February 11, 2015

    By Kristen McArdle

    Today benchmarking is pervasive and there are many initiatives in varying scope and scale. Few CW programs don’t benchmark performance. But it’s not as simple as comparing your program statistics to those of others. Benchmarking projects need to be targeted, rapidly executed and iterative.

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  • Total workforce management: The elusive ideal CW managers are warming to

    CWS 3.0: January 14, 2015

    By Jason Ezratty

    Total talent management (TTM) goes by many names: blended workforce management, integrated talent management, total workforce synchronization and workforce mix optimization.

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  • Creating a business case that reveals your smarts, ensures success

    CWS 3.0: November 12, 2014

    By Ben Walker

    When asked for a business case to implement a contingent workforce managed service program or vendor management system, anyone who’s been involved with them for a while might be tempted to offer this:

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